Understanding Age: What Happens to your body as you Grow Old

Everyone knows some of the things that’ll happen as you grow older, from your hair turning grey to wrinkles on your skin these are the things that the youth have come. But other than visual appearance many people don’t know what happens to their body as they grow older and underestimate how important it is to look after their bodies while they’re young so they can age well. Growing old affects almost every single part of your body and if you don’t know how then keep reading to find out what happens to your body as you grow old.

Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system changes massively as you grow old, young people tend to be fitter as their cardiovascular system works well. As you grow older your cardiovascular system becomes less efficient, arteries and blood vessels begin to stiffen which forces your heart to work much harder just to pump blood around your body. It’s important to do lots of cardiovascular exercises while you’re young so as it worsens when you age you won’t be at high risk of developing cardiovascular problems. Other ways to help are to eat more healthy food than fatty foods, to quit smoking if you’re a smoker, and avoid high-stress situations as being too stressed can have a negative impact on your heart.

Bones and Muscles

When you’re young if you break a bone it mends itself quickly and it usually takes a lot of force to break a bone as they’re very resilient. As you age your bones are very susceptible to fractures and the repair time will be much longer. Your muscles lose strength and flexibility naturally as you grow old, this has negative impacts on your balance. To help maintain some of the strength of your bones and muscles then you again have to take action whilst you’re young. Calcium is extremely important for bone strength so whilst you’re young make sure you’re consuming the recommended daily amount of calcium, which is at 1,000mg currently. By doing this you’ll make sure your bones are strong as you age so any weakening will have less of an impact. Other important actions include getting enough vitamin D, participating in physical activity several times a week, and limiting how much you smoke and drink as this affects your bones just as much as your heart.

Hormone Levels

The change in hormone levels affects people differently depending on if they are male or female. Around age 50 women stop producing as much estrogen and progesterone from their ovaries, when this happens your body tries to adapt and your pituitary gland attempts to compensate by producing more of a hormone called the follicle-stimulating hormone. This is what causes menopause, it’s inevitable and there is no way to avoid it. Unfortunately, it can have many unpleasant side effects including hot flashes, depression, and vaginal dryness. Some people take a combined estrogen and progesterone pill to try and relive some of these symptoms but taking this pill may potentially have side effects such as a higher risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease, more research needs to be done.

The change in hormone levels affects men differently from women. As men age, their body starts to produce less testosterone. This affects your body in many ways, it affects your strength and the size of your muscles, parallel to in women it can cause low libido, it can also cause erectile dysfunction and depression. To help you can increase your testosterone levels with this Testo-boosters, this will help to ease many of the symptoms associated with male menopause. A consistently healthy diet and regular exercise can also help to fight these symptoms.

Digestive System

Growing old also impacts your digestive system. It causes structural change within the large intestine which leads to increased constipation among old people, your digestive system will also become much more sensitive to things such as supplements like iron which your body needs, this also causes more constipation. Again, to help make this less likely whilst you’re young you should exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and when you are older it’s important not to ignore the need for a bowel movement as this can also cause constipation.


As you grow older your bladder loses a lot of the elasticity it has whilst you’re young, when you lose this elasticity you’ll need to use the toilet a lot more frequently. As you age your bladder muscles weaken which means it can be difficult to empty your bladder or you can lose control of your pelvic floor muscles and be unable to stop yourself from urinating. One of the main things that will cause this to happen as you age is if you are overweight or if you consume too much alcohol. To help avoid this it’s important to maintain a healthy weight throughout your life and if you smoke then quit smoking as young as you can. Kegel exercises can also massively help if you lose bladder control, by strengthening these muscles you’ll be able to maintain control of your bladder.


Your brain is also affected when you age which affects how you think, this can be distressing when you’re older so it’s important to stay sharp mentally, playing word or number games is a great way to preserve your cognitive health.

7 Great Ways to Help you Quit Smoking

A habit many want to kick, smoking is not only expensive but is known to cause lung, throat, mouth, and other kinds of cancers. But quitting is hard, with the daily stress and the craving for nicotine the first thing seasoned smokers reach for is cigarettes. However, there are numerous products on the market designed for helping people to quit the habit for good.

E-Cigs and Vapes

There are many options regarding e-cigs and vapes available. The favored of the two seem to be the vapes that come with a variety of flavored oils and liquids that are fairly cheap to get and last a while. Also available are CBD vapes, and CBD oil is known to have many health benefits, helping with joint pain and can reduce anxiety and depression. For a device that lasts a while, choosing a good CBD vape pen is essential and research is a good way to find out what works for you.

Nicotine Gum

The idea of nicotine gum is to have a piece whenever a craving hits. There are different levels of nicotine in the gum so you can start with a higher dosage and wean yourself to a lower one over time. They are also good for those at work as certain brands aren’t designed to be chewed for prolonged periods, instead, they are chewed to break the shell and then the gum is pressed against the back of the mouth to absorb the nicotine over time.

Nicotine Patches

Like gum, nicotine patches are easy to find and are designed to release nicotine into your system over a period of time. You can also pair patches with gums or other products such as sprays and lozenges to help with cravings. They come in doses of up to 24 hours and one can be worn immediately after removing another, meaning you are always getting your nicotine dose.


While an expensive option, many reports that hypnotherapy has completely gotten rid of all cravings for cigarettes after a session or two. However, it is important to note that many believe hypnotherapy doesn’t work as some people are susceptible to it while others aren’t. While not an option for everyone, it’s certainly one to consider.

Apps and Support Groups

Often, people struggle to quit smoking because they don’t have a support bubble, as an ex-smoker myself, I know the struggle when people don’t believe you can do it, or when friends and family are offering you cigarettes regularly. However, apps and support groups are available to those who need them, with like-minded people to help you on your journey. Such Apps include Quitters Circle and TXTSmokefree.

Prescription Medication

There is medication available that reduces cravings, however many of them work as medications for other ailments therefore doctors are hesitant to give them out for the purposes of quitting smoking. It may be worth asking your GP about regardless as you may be able to get them if you meet the requirements. Chantix is a prescription medication designed specifically to help you quit smoking and isn’t used for anything but that.

Cold Turkey

No, I don’t mean the bird. Going cold turkey one day and stopping smoking without the aids of other things is the way many people choose to quit. From personal experience, I stopped having regular cravings after 2 weeks of going cold turkey and while I do occasionally want to smoke, the cravings aren’t as bad as they used to be and easily ignored. Of course, this method isn’t for everyone and it’s important to do what works for you.

How British Columbia is Battling Increased Mental Health Issues

It is said that British Columbia is one of the most affected areas of Canada when it comes to mental health issues, through many recent societal changes it is great to see that the community is coming together in many different ways to help increase the amount of support on offer for mental health sufferers. Many people who suffer from mental health problems find that the lack of advertisement for the support systems in place causes them to put off going, for someone who suffers from a condition like this sometimes the only way to get help is to have it clearly shown that there is a way to find treatment and advice that could make all the difference.


Increased Resources

One of the biggest reasons that there was a lack of resources in regards to providing high-quality mental health support, treatment, and therapy would have to be the lack of resources and funding that was being provided. The people in the local community decided that it was time to make a change with an appeal to the government for extra support and resources, as well as this campaign which received over twenty thousand signatures. We have seen a huge increase in the number of charity events which have contributed significantly to the increase in funding.

Now that resources are not an issue we should start to see a huge drive in the number of campaigns there are spreading awareness of the support that is in place. It is nice to see that so many people are showing their compassionate sides and taking time out of their day to help this amazing cause. Mental health is an issue that is so commonly faced by many people all over the world, it is not something that will go away if you ignore it which is what our government has arguably tried to do. Now that so many members of the community have stood up for themselves and demanded extra support from our government we have shown that a lack of support is not something that our community is going to put up with.


Funding and Charity Work

Thanks to the hard work of so many members of our community each taking part in or coming up with their own innovative ways to raise money the funding is now available to offer the very best of support to those who face mental health issues. Beforehand we saw many of the charity organizations we had in place fail and break down due to the simple fact that they were not receiving enough donations, however, the generosity of the public has saved the organizations we do have left by splitting the total amount of money raised between five of the charities that were in the most trouble.

Now that funding is no longer an issue we have seen a significant turn around in the appearance and the quality of service that is now offered by our charities; their buildings have also received an upgrade so that the best environment can be created with a calm atmosphere suitable for therapy sessions. For so long those who sadly suffer from issues of this nature found themselves secluded from the public with nowhere to go where they can talk about their issues.


New Treatments And The Legalisation of Cannabis in Canada

Another way that Canada has begun to battle increased mental health issues would have to be the recent legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis use, now that cannabis is safe, regulated, and accessible we can look to see how this versatile drug could impact a person who suffers from mental health issues. THC and its relaxing properties on both the body and mind have been scientifically proven to relieve and reduce panic and anxiety attacks. If you are yet to find a treatment that works for you in this area then I would urge you to at least do some research or speak to a medical professional about the possibilities of using THC to help make your life a little easier. Of course, you should be of legal age and in a legal state, and if you are unsure, I would start using this drug in very small amounts to test the waters and see if it could work within your lifestyle.

There is no harm in trying something new and you shouldn’t let the reputation of using this substance deter you from giving it a go as a means to help relieve anxiety and symptoms of mental health issues. If you are interested in finding a specific strain of cannabis that has an effect that will help anxiety then you should check out your local retailer or topshelfbc in British Columbia, where you can speak to a professional about personalized strains and how to get started in using medical marijuana,

4 Tasty Meals that Promote Great Stomach Health

The maintenance of your stomach and digestive system is vital to your overall health in many ways, how you digest your food is reliant on the nutritional value of the meals you make so it important that you have a balanced diet if you want to stay in peak physical fitness. Below are four different foods and meals that you can make in order to ensure your stomach is as healthy as it can be and that you will avoid any health issues in the future.


Yogurt and Fruits

The best probiotic can be found in foods that are fermented and which contain specific bacteria that prompts the stomach’s health, yogurt is one of these foods and it is very healthy for your stomach and gut as it is full of healthy bacteria. If you are looking for meal ideas including yogurt then it would be a good idea to start having some form of yogurt and fruit for your breakfast, with fruit in the mix it would be a great breakfast and a great way to start your day off with something that is going to do your body the world of good.



As previously mentioned the fermented foods which have friendly and healthy bacteria within them are the foods that are going to help maintain your stomach’s health. This classic Korean dish of fermented vegetables is very healthy and would be a great side dish along with other vegetables and your chosen protein, this dish not only helps the stomach but is also very beneficial to the body thanks to the inclusion of vegetables. The fiber that comes with the veg also helps with digestion and avoiding any issues that could negatively affect your overall health.



Many stomach health issues come from digestion problems and constipation, this can be very easily resolved by including more healthy ingredients within your means such as salad and other vegetables. It should be no surprise that having a salad orientated meal is very healthy but the fact that you can pack in so many different things in one meal is truly amazing. Ingredients like peas and using an olive oil dressing would be particularly effective at helping any stomach issues you may have as they have fatty acids that can promote the growth of healthy bacteria in your stomach which is going to benefit you significantly.



Garlic Risotto

The final meal on this list that would be great for someone who is experiencing issues in their stomach would be a garlic risotto, this is another dish that extra ingredients can be packed into to add nutritional value. I would highly recommend using garlic, peas, olive oil, and other vegetables within this meal as they are all very beneficial to the healthy bacteria required in a healthy stomach. Garlic in particular has antibacterial properties that could contribute to clearing up any stomach illnesses you may be experiencing in a more natural manner.