What Is VCF Birth control? How Vaginal Contraceptive Film works?

What Is VCF Birth control?  How Vaginal Contraceptive Film works?

A VCF or vaginal contraceptive film birth control is a method of contraception popularly used by women. It comes in the form of a strip or a film that can be easily used externally and has no side effects. A no-mess formula that is safe and effective. And can be used by anyone as it does not need a doctor’s prescription. Contraception is one of the important things that everyone should know, along with its importance. Learn the benefits of VCF, how it works, and who can use it?

Different medical names of contraception

A method to control birth or prevent fertility is called contraception. It is popular by various other names such as:

  • Birth control
  • Fertility control
  • Prevention of conception
  • Prevention of impregnation
  • Family planning

There have been innumerable methods and techniques of birth control available for ages. But with the advancement of time and technology, they are also becoming easier, safer, and more successful.

What is VCF Birth control?

A VCF or a vaginal contraceptive film birth control is one of the many contraceptive methods available to people. Subject to extensive tests and various studies, it has been used for many years now. It is thus counted among safe methods of contraception. A VCF is a semi-transparent strip or a film that is square in shape, soluble in nature, and has a substance that is a  spermicide, which means it can kill the sperms the moment it comes in contact with them. The spermicide used is an active agent prescribed by most doctors in birth control around the world. On the off chance that no elective medications are accessible and no change should be possible to the dosages of medications, at that point, putting a pacemaker would be the last treatment for moderate heartbeat rate.

How vaginal contraceptive Film works?

VCF is a fine sheet packed neatly, individually in small pouches. Once it is dissolved, it forms a gel-like substance that contains an active sperm killing agent or a spermicide that can kill sperms for a maximum of about 3 hours. It requires about 15 minutes to start working. A VCF should be inserted deep into the vagina, where the film dissolves after coming in contact with the body fluids. The film’s spermicides are released when it dissolves into a gel and gets active for upto 3 hours.

How to use a VCF?

The following are the ways to use VCF-

  1. Tear open a packet to find a small, square film.
  2. Fold the film to hold between your index finger and thumb.
  3. Placing it on the fingertip, slide it deep into the vagina. It is very similar to how a tampon is used.
  4. Since it is soluble and dissolves with the body fluids, nothing needs to be removed or disposed of by the end. It gets washed away by itself, leaving no sign of its use.

Benefits of using VCF

With the innumerable choice of birth control options available around, it becomes very confusing to select one that meets all your requirements. But one should be careful while choosing an alternative, and it is always advisable to consult any health specialist or your doctor before you make a choice. Most of the options like pills are known to cause side effects, unlike in VCF. Some of its benefits are as follows:

  • No Prescription-

The best thing about VCF is that it does not need a prescription. So it can be virtually used by anyone without having others know you are using it.

  • Safe with no side effects-

The second best is its safety and that it has no side effects on the user’s health. It is a hormone-free product, unlike most of the pills that are available over the counter and thus, cause no hormonal imbalance in the body. Side effects, like weight gain or growth of unwanted hair, common in other drugs, have never been complained of with VCF.

  • Highly effective-

Whenever we use a product, our immediate concern is its effectiveness, or else it becomes a waste of both money and effort. The good news is that VCF is 94% effective as per the researches. But it becomes important to use it correctly after reading the instructions from the manual carefully.

  • To avoid pills-

There are a lot of people who already have a lot of health concerns. The doctors suggest such people avoid any drugs. For them, it’s a boon.

  • No Health Hazards-

It does not have any potential health hazards like-

  1. Depression
  2. A heart stroke
  3. Respiratory problems
  4. The risk of blood clotting  
  5. Convenience-

It is one of the most convenient methods to be used and can be used anywhere and at any time.

  • Not a routine factor-

Another benefit of VCF is that it does not need to be taken regularly like a pill, which is almost like a routine and becomes a headache. It can be conveniently used only when needed.

  • It cannot be felt-

The soluble nature of vaginal contraceptive film lets it dissolve in the body fluids within fifteen minutes of its insertion into the vagina. It becomes a gel-like substance and cannot be felt by any of the partners.

        Who can use it?

  1. Since it doesn’t need any prescription, thus, it can be used virtually by anyone.
    1. Certain people who cannot take pills because of their health concerns can use them well.
    1. It is a general concept that smokers should avoid contraceptive pills to avoid deadly effects like a heart stroke. So for them, it gets easier with this.
    1. Some of the females are asked to strictly avoid impregnation due to their health issues. It can be used by them safely.

However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor or any healthcare specialist before choosing any contraceptive method since it works differently with different types of people. A vaginal contraceptive film or a VCF is easily available at any drug store near you.                            It can be easily bought without a prescription.      

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