What is a Pharmacist and How do you Become One

What is a Pharmacist and How do you Become One

Pharmacists are some of the most important people in our society as by doing their jobs they keep their local communities and all of wider society safe. There are many important roles within the medical field, all of which are difficult to get a career in as it depends on a lot of motivation and intelligence and a pharmacist is one of the most important. Thousands of people visit their pharmacists every single day for various different reasons, but many people aren’t aware of the extent of their job responsibilities or how difficult it is to get a job as a pharmacist.  

What is a pharmacist?

pharmacist’s main responsibility is to be a health advisor. Their jobs are based on providing patients with the best care and advice that they possibly can. Like other professionals in the medical field, they are well trained in medicine and have a lot of medical expertise. To be successful as a pharmacist you need to be skilled and undergo a lot of training to ensure you properly dispense medicine to those who are ill and correctly identify any illnesses. As it can be so difficult to get an appointment with your GP pharmacists, many, have become the preliminary person to consult for any issues they’re experiencing. There are now online pharmacists too for those who need medicine but have accessibility problems, this is a great place to find legal steroids online as well as any other medicine you may need. Pharmacists are so important that they are now celebrated on their own specific day, the first world pharmacist day was held in Turkey back in 2009 to show pharmacists the appreciation we have for them. 

Pharmacists work in several different environments which is why they have so many different roles and responsibilities. Their main work environments are local community pharmacies, in the pharmaceutical industry in sales and in places such as prisons, the military, and teaching in universities. Based on all these different work environments pharmacists have a lot of responsibilities, the most important ones are: checking the quality of any medicines they’re supplying to patients and ensuring that they are legal and the correct medicine for the purpose. They also must be able to advise patients about all the available treatments, how to take them, and have the knowledge to answer any questions that patients may have.  

What education do you need to become a pharmacist?

Becoming a pharmacist is a very long journey that takes years of studying and hard work to achieve. Many people think that they want to become a pharmacist but it requires so much motivation and time that lots of pharmacy students drop out very early on as it is too demanding. Most pharmacists start to excel and stand out whilst they’re still in high school, they achieve high grades in every subject as they can balance a heavy workload but they tend to do particularly well in subjects like biology. By achieving high grades at high school puts you on the right path to start your pharmacist training as it will allow you to get onto a great course. 

You’ll have to complete a degree as the next step in becoming a pharmacist. There are 2 ways that you can do this, you can go straight from high school to doing a dual degree program. This will be a subject like biology in which you’ll earn a bachelor’s degree and you’ll study for your PharmD alongside this, this type, of course, takes 5-6 years. The other option is to complete a bachelor’s degree in a related subject which takes 3 or 4 years and then you can apply for doctorate-level training in pharmacology. If you’re going down the 2nd route, the doctorate level has tough standards for admissions so any experience you can get whilst complete your bachelor will massively increase your chances.  

Once you’ve decided which route you want to go down you’ll have to start preparing for the pharmacy college admission test, every pharmacy school’s test will differ slightly in how difficult it is, but none of them are easy. There are several sections to prepare for including multiple-choice questions and essay-style questions. 

What to do after completing your degree?

After those long 7 years, it may seem like the hardest part if the journey is over but there’s still 1 more difficult step. As the job of a pharmacist is so important there are additional exams you’re required to take once completing your degree to become fully qualified. There are 2 exams that you’ll have to pass, these are the North American Pharmacist Licensure Exam and the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Exam. Once you’ve completed these exams then in most states you’ll be able to apply for your license and will finally be a pharmacist. In some states, there are additional things that are required like a background check, proof of internship, and additional tests and training. 

Should you become a pharmacist?

After reading this article you’ll realize how difficult it is to become a pharmacist. However, if it’s something you’re passionate about and willing to put the work in for then there’s no reason why you couldn’t become a pharmacist. It’s a very rewarding career and as long as you follow these steps you’re bound to be a success. 

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