Various Working Ways To Alkalize Your Body At Home

Various Working Ways To Alkalize Your Body At Home

Your body needs to be in a slightly alkaline state to work the way it should without suffering any issues and works hard to maintain it. A proper pH level is highly necessary for your body to ensure good health, for billions of your body cells rely on this environment to show normal activity. However, it has been found that high dietary acid can increase the risks of type 2 diabetes and certain other health conditions. We’ll tell you the risks involved and tell you what you can do to alkalize your body using natural methods.

Your body needs to remain in a slightly alkaline condition to continue working properly. Billions of your body cells and tissues rely on this alkaline state for carrying out their normal functionality, preventing any cellular damage, and ensuring protection from microbial pathogens. Several common, daily factors can significantly affect your body’s pH balance, such as the digestion of food of significantly varying pH levels. Your kidneys take on the job of neutralizing any acids, and the process is termed as ‘potential renal acid load.’

However, regular and long-term consumption of foods that tend to form high amounts of acid after digestion can result in low-grade acidosis in your body. While the ‘low-grade’ prefix may make this condition sound harmless, it can increase the risks of you suffering from chronic diseases, including type-2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and several other health problems.


Acidosis is a condition that occurs when your body fluids contain more acid than they’re supposed to or are okay for them. Your kidneys and lungs become unable to balance your body’s pH level when they’re required to make up for the usual slight pH imbalances that occur due to metabolic activities, as well as the further potential for variation in body pH produced by dietary and digestive factors. Even slight variations in the pH of your blood can lead to acidosis and result in the development of and vulnerability to several serious and life-threatening diseases.

What Causes Acidosis?

Acidosis is mainly of two kinds; respiratory and metabolic. Several factors can be caused, ranging from the effects of asthma to excessive alcohol use, cancer, and heart failure. The following are some of the causes of the development of acidosis:

  • Respiratory acidosis occurs and develops when there’s an excessive buildup of carbon dioxide inside the body. Usually, your lungs try to remove the carbon dioxide when you breathe; however, sometimes, your body may not be able to get rid of it. This can happen due to several reasons, such as chronic airway conditions like asthma, any injuries suffered on the chest, obesity factors that make breathing difficult, misuse of sedatives, excessive consumption of alcohol, weakness of muscles inside the chest, issues with the nervous system, deformation in the structure of the chest, and various others.
  • Metabolic Acidosis: Metabolic acidosis is a type of acidosis that starts in the kidneys and occurs when they cannot eliminate enough acidic content or manage to get rid of too much base. Metabolic acidosis occurs in three major forms: diabetic acidosis, hyperchloremic acidosis, and lactic acidosis. Diabetic acidosis occurs in individuals who have very poor control over their diabetes. If this causes you to lack a sufficient amount of insulin, ketones can easily build up in your body and acidify it. Hyperchloremic acidosis occurs due to a loss of sodium bicarbonate inside the body. Sodium bicarbonate is an important base that keeps the blood neutral, and factors such as vomiting and diarrhea can ruin that and cause hyperchloremic acidosis.

How You Can Alkalize Your Body Naturally

While acidosis is a condition that can be somewhat hard to manage and treat and can require complicated and tiring treatment procedures, it certainly can be prevented and cured in its minor stages, using completely natural methods. The following are some ways to alkalize the body naturally:

  • Go Low On Animal Protein: A diet rich in animal protein can promote a high dietary acid load. If you often consume many types of meat and dairy products, cutting down on them can significantly reduce acid load risks and help you alkalize your body.
  • Take More Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits (except cranberry) and vegetables can greatly boost your body’s alkalinity. The alkalinity of vegetables and fruits easily neutralizes any acids and keeps your body more alkaline, so going up on salads may be a great choice.
  • Plan Your Meals: Planning your meals appropriately is the best way to manage to cut low on your body’s acidity. While having unplanned meals will make it hard for you to keep track of your eating habits, planned meals will help you make sure that you eat at the right time and do not mess up.
  • Take More Lemons: While lemons may seem to be responsible for promoting acidosis inside your body, it is the opposite when they reach inside. A glass of lemon juice mixed with water each day can do a lot of good and improve your body’s alkalinity.
  • Raw Almonds: Raw and unsalted almonds can help you improve your body’s alkalinity and reduce the risks of you ending up suffering from acidosis. Regular consumption of raw almonds can produce a lot of effects.
  • Cut Down On Sugar: Too much sugar may not be good for you. Sugar is a major cause of the development of acidity inside your body, which is why cutting down on sugar consumption, is likely to turn out as a nice and effective way to build up your body’s alkalinity.

If the moderate heartbeat rates because of other ailments or sicknesses, at that point, therapy for moderate heartbeat rate will zero in on bringing the pulse to be typical so the framework can get adequate blood and oxygen. Lactic acidosis occurs when your body has too much lactic acid, which can develop due to conditions like chronic use of alcohol, cancer, heart failures, seizures, and certain other conditions. So, staying hydrated can help you prevent any disease and keep your body alkalized.

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