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70 kDa AR-activator ; 70 kDa androgen receptor coactivator ; ARA70 ; ELE1 ; NCOA4 ; NCoA-4 ; Ncoa4 ; PTC3 ; RET-activating gene ELE1 ; RFG ; Rfg ; androgen receptor-associated protein of 70 kDa ; ncoa4 ; ret fused ; zgc:55307 ; zgc:77270
Androgen receptor associated protein 70
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ARA70 was initially identified as the product of a gene fused to the RET proto-oncogene in thyroid papillary carcinoma. It was subsequently shown to be required for efficient transcriptional activation by the androgen receptor (AR) a member of the nuclear receptor superfamily of transcription factors. ARA70 is broadly expressed in a variety of tissues, with elevated expression in metabolic tissues (white and brown adipose tissue, kidney), the gastrointestinal system (duodenum, jejenum) as well as the male reproductive system (testis and prostate). Dysregulation of ARA70 expression has been documented in polycystic ovarian syndrome and in prostate cancer.
Original References:
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