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Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas
A research resource for the nuclear receptor signaling community
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NURSA-funded Research Projects
NDSP Cycle 3 Funded Awardees
Andrea Hevener
The ERα transcriptome and inter-tissue communication in the regulation of metabolic homeostasis more
Joel Elmquist
UT Southwestern
PPARγ in vagal sensory neurons and the untoward effects of thiazolidinediones more
Holly Ingraham
Integrating hypothalamic ERα signaling with peripheral metabolic and reproductive tissues more
Sang Jun Han
Baylor College of Medicine
Identification of nuclear receptor genomic networks that link endometriosis to birth defects more
NDSP Cycle 2 Funded Awardees
David Mangelsdorf
UT Southwestern
Identification of novel host-derived ligands for nuclear receptors in parasitic nematodes more
Joyce Repa
UT Southwestern
Defining Lipidomic Signatures of Nuclear Receptor Activity Using MS/MSALL more
John Rawls
Duke University
Microbial Regulation of Nuclear Receptor Activity in the Intestinal Epithelium more
NDSP Cycle 1 Funded Awardees
Michael G. Rosenfeld
University of California San Diego
InRNAs in nuclear receptor-mediated gene transcription programs more
Myles Brown
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Epigenetics of diet and menopause in non-human primates more
Don DeFranco
University of Pittsburgh
Chromatin dynamics of fetal hypothalamic neural stem cells more
David Moore
Baylor College of Medicine
FXR and the chromatin landscape in the human liver more