How Video Games Can be Good for your Health

How Video Games Can be Good for your Health

Playing video games is one of the most popular activities that both children and adults enjoy in their free time and it is the most popular part of the entertainment industry. Playing video games has become an important part of many people’s lives and because of this there is a massive section of the internet dedicated to video games from valorant hacks to how to unlock all the characters in Mario Kart there is discussions for every game online. Many parents worry about their child’s health when their child plays video games and many adult gamers worry for themselves. It is not widely known, but video games aren’t all bad, they can actually be great for your health. 


Can Improve Manual Dexterity

It makes sense that playing video games would result in an improvement in your manual dexterity as gaming requires you to use your hands without looking and it required accuracy. A study on a group of surgeons found that the surgeons who were frequent video game players were much quicker at performing surgeries than their colleagues who didn’t play video games. Not only were their surgeries faster, but they were also 37% more accurate and it is likely this is due to all the time they spent playing video games. 


Increase Grey Matter

Grey matter is one of the most important chemicals inside the human brain. Grey matter is associated with many important things like your body’s muscle control, your memory, and your perception. It has been found that video games act as a workout for your brain and if you play regularly it is possible they will increase the amount of grey matter in your brain. This is great for boosting your brain connectivity and will help anything else that grey matter is associated with. 


Social Skills

One of the most incorrect stereotypes is that those who frequently play video games are socially awkward. Those who play video games are usually some of the most social individuals and don’t fit into that stereotype at all. Gaming is a very social thing and studies have shown that those who have played video games from childhood often have better social skills, closer relationships, and even perform better academically than those who don’t.  



Physical Health

As gaming keeps on developing, one great way in which video games can improve your health is by playing games that have a physical aspect to them. Gaming is no longer just played from the couch and this is going to become even more physical when VR is developed further. One of the most popular games that got people outside and moving was Pokémon Go, which required players to go outside and walk around. They had to discover their real-world to play in the virtual world and as there are so many hardcore Pokémon fans millions of people spent the summer exploring outside to try and complete the Pokedex.  


Mental Health

Video games are also a great way to improve your mental health and when many people are having a hard time or a difficult day, they use video games as an escape. If people enjoy video games, then by playing video games their mood can be instantly boosted and there has even been a correlation between video games and better heart rhythms which indicates that video games relieve stress. It is widely believed that video games can reduce stress which has led to video games being used as a form of therapy. 

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