How British Columbia is Battling Increased Mental Health Issues

How British Columbia is Battling Increased Mental Health Issues

It is said that British Columbia is one of the most affected areas of Canada when it comes to mental health issues, through many recent societal changes it is great to see that the community is coming together in many different ways to help increase the amount of support on offer for mental health sufferers. Many people who suffer from mental health problems find that the lack of advertisement for the support systems in place causes them to put off going, for someone who suffers from a condition like this sometimes the only way to get help is to have it clearly shown that there is a way to find treatment and advice that could make all the difference.


Increased Resources

One of the biggest reasons that there was a lack of resources in regards to providing high-quality mental health support, treatment, and therapy would have to be the lack of resources and funding that was being provided. The people in the local community decided that it was time to make a change with an appeal to the government for extra support and resources, as well as this campaign which received over twenty thousand signatures. We have seen a huge increase in the number of charity events which have contributed significantly to the increase in funding.

Now that resources are not an issue we should start to see a huge drive in the number of campaigns there are spreading awareness of the support that is in place. It is nice to see that so many people are showing their compassionate sides and taking time out of their day to help this amazing cause. Mental health is an issue that is so commonly faced by many people all over the world, it is not something that will go away if you ignore it which is what our government has arguably tried to do. Now that so many members of the community have stood up for themselves and demanded extra support from our government we have shown that a lack of support is not something that our community is going to put up with.


Funding and Charity Work

Thanks to the hard work of so many members of our community each taking part in or coming up with their own innovative ways to raise money the funding is now available to offer the very best of support to those who face mental health issues. Beforehand we saw many of the charity organizations we had in place fail and break down due to the simple fact that they were not receiving enough donations, however, the generosity of the public has saved the organizations we do have left by splitting the total amount of money raised between five of the charities that were in the most trouble.

Now that funding is no longer an issue we have seen a significant turn around in the appearance and the quality of service that is now offered by our charities; their buildings have also received an upgrade so that the best environment can be created with a calm atmosphere suitable for therapy sessions. For so long those who sadly suffer from issues of this nature found themselves secluded from the public with nowhere to go where they can talk about their issues.


New Treatments And The Legalisation of Cannabis in Canada

Another way that Canada has begun to battle increased mental health issues would have to be the recent legalization of both recreational and medical cannabis use, now that cannabis is safe, regulated, and accessible we can look to see how this versatile drug could impact a person who suffers from mental health issues. THC and its relaxing properties on both the body and mind have been scientifically proven to relieve and reduce panic and anxiety attacks. If you are yet to find a treatment that works for you in this area then I would urge you to at least do some research or speak to a medical professional about the possibilities of using THC to help make your life a little easier. Of course, you should be of legal age and in a legal state, and if you are unsure, I would start using this drug in very small amounts to test the waters and see if it could work within your lifestyle.

There is no harm in trying something new and you shouldn’t let the reputation of using this substance deter you from giving it a go as a means to help relieve anxiety and symptoms of mental health issues. If you are interested in finding a specific strain of cannabis that has an effect that will help anxiety then you should check out your local retailer or topshelfbc in British Columbia, where you can speak to a professional about personalized strains and how to get started in using medical marijuana,

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