• Tutorials on Real-Time Quantitative PCR

    by Rainer B. Lanz, Ph.D.

    An Introduction in Real-Time Quantitative PCR

    Basics on methodolgy, protocols, assays, and ways of quantification
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    Real-time QPCR on ABI's 7700, 7500 and StepOnePlus Systems

    A tutorial on systems, operation, sequence detection software (SDS), and using the MCB Q-PCR facility
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    Proper Amplicon Design for Real-Time QPCR

    A tutorial on A) comprehensive target sequence analysis and B) amplicon design with Primer Express(®)
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    QPCR Data Analyses and Evaluation

    A tutorial on assay evaluation and troubleshooting sub-optimal Q-PCR experiments
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    Curing QPCR Malignancies

    Expert advice on streamlining Q-PCR experiments
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    OpenHelix Quick Reference: UCSC

    Quick Reference card for the UCSC Genome Browser
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    A QPCR Tutorial for the PI

    Questions a PI should ask when presented with Q-PCR data
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    These tutorials are provided as an educational service by NURSA, the Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas, an NIH-funded researcb consortium on nuclear receptors and coregulators. Dr. Rainer Lanz is an Assistant Professor at Baylor College of Medicine and a member of the NURSA Bioinformatics Resource.

    © 2003 - 2006 NURSA, The Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas.