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Last updated January 31, 2014
Amplified in breast cancer 1
NURSA Symbol
2010305B15Rik; ACTR; AIB-1; AIB1; AW321064; Actr; Aib1; CAGH16; CBP-interacting protein; CTG26 more...
2010305B15Rik; ACTR; AIB-1; AIB1; AW321064; Actr; Aib1; CAGH16; CBP-interacting protein; CTG26; KAT13B; NCOA3; NCoA-3; Ncoa3; RAC-3; RAC3; Rac3; SRC-3; SRC3; Src3; TNRC14; TNRC16; TRAM-1; Tram-1; Tram1; amplified in breast cancer 1 protein; amplified in breast cancer-1 protein homolog; bHLHe42; class E basic helix-loop-helix protein 42; ncoa3; p/Cip; pCIP; pCip; receptor-associated coactivator 3; sb:eu248; sb:eu484; src3; steroid receptor coactivator protein 3; thyroid hormone receptor activator molecule 1
AIB1/SRC-3 is a broad-specificity transcriptional coregulator which mediates the activating functions of nuclear receptors and other transcription factors. First cloned in the mouse as the p300 and CBP interacting protein p/CIP, it was the third member of the SRC/p160 coregulator family to be characterized. AIB1/SRC-3 is widely expressed in a variety of tissues in myriad physiological systems, with peaks of expression in the thymus, kidney, aorta, spleen, testis and lungs. AIB1/SRC-3 overexpression has been implicated in breast and ovarian cancer, in addition to cancers of the prostate, endometrium, liver and pancreas. SRC-3 has been shown by null deletion in mice to be required for normal growth, puberty, female reproductive function and mammary gland development.
Original References:
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