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Transcriptomine places public genome-wide expression profiling datasets in the nuclear receptor signaling field at your fingertips. Search instantly across thousands of fold changes in hundreds of studies for single genes, GO and disease terms or upload your own custom gene list!
NRS Articles
Recent articles in NURSA's PubMed-indexed journal
Chang C et al. (2013) Androgen Receptor (AR) Pathophysiological Roles in Androgen Related Diseases in Skin, Bone/Muscle, Metabolic Syndrome and Neuron/Immune Systems: Lessons Learned from Mice Lacking AR in Specific Cells. Nucl Recept Signal 11, e001. | PDF

McKenna N (2012) EMBO Retinoids 2011: mechanisms, biology and pathology of signaling by retinoic acid and retinoic acid receptors. Nucl Recept Signal 10, e003. View Abstract | Full Text | PDF

DeSantis K et al. (2012) Use of differential scanning fluorimetry as a high-throughput assay to identify nuclear receptor ligands. Nucl Recept Signal 10, e002. View Abstract | Full Text | PDF
NURSA Publications
Recent NURSA-funded papers in the literature
Xie X et al. (2013) Regulatory potential of COUP-TFs in development: Stem/progenitor cells. Semin Cell Dev Biol View Abstract | View PubMed

Bookout AL et al. (2013) FGF21 regulates metabolism and circadian behavior by acting on the nervous system. Nat Med 19, 1147-52. View Abstract | View PubMed

Owen BM et al. (2013) FGF21 contributes to neuroendocrine control of female reproduction. Nat Med 19, 1153-6. View Abstract | View PubMed

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